Unattended Data Collection Systems

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The K-2™ kiosk is a self-contained data collection system that is designed specifically for those sites where having a PC-based data collection terminal may not be feasible or desired. It can either be mounted inside the scale house or outside on a post or pedestal near the scale.

The K-2 allows staff to automatically update Truck, Job, and Material data from the Interact software via a network connection. The K-2 also has the ability to write data to a USB memory stick for those instances where a network connection is not available.

Cycle of Operation

The K-2 is easy to use. With its simple interface, drivers step through a prompt sequence to enter their data. The following is a typical prompt sequence:

  1. Enter Truck ID (PIN #) or swipe badge and press ENTER
  2. Enter Job # and press ENTER
  3. Enter Material # press ENTER
  4. Verification screen is displayed listing Truck, Job, and Material entries
  5. Detailed ticket(s) prints and data is saved to the K-2 controller
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Product Features:

  • Weather resistant enclosure
  • Weigh In/Out or Tare Weight operation
  • Near real-time interface with Interact software using the DataSync Module
  • Print cumulative job totals
  • Drop down lists
  • DataSync Module

Product Options:

  • Cellular data transfer capability
  • Solar power
  • Backup journal printer
  • RFID or proximity reader to identify trucks
  • Activation of security camera
  • Remote gate access interface
  • Mounting pole or pedestal mount
  • Portable trailer – allows the K-2 Kiosk to be moved from site to site
  • Image Capture Module (PC required)
  • Interface to third party ERP or other accounting applications