AWS System Integration

System integration is the process of combining two or more computer systems or software applications to exchange information between them. In many cases, Interact collects the scale data and interfaces to a back office accounting or enterprise software system.

There is no better example of where our customers have realized a return on their investment than in this area. By having one software application electronically pass data to a second, manual data entry is eliminated along with the errors associated with this process. Labor costs can be reduced because fewer people are required to process more data and this data becomes instant or real-time depending on the interface.

Our systems integration services are among the best in the industry. Our willingness to work with third-party developers, and our experience in the area of project management, take the burden off our customers to complete this process. We are able to interface to any software application that has the ability to import transaction data.

System Integration is crucial to business running efficiently. AWS spends considerable effort on the development of data integration to many third-party interfaces.